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About Our Company

Our Inspiration

Escaping Anchorage Logo

Hey friends! My name is Brittney, I'm the owner and founder of Escaping Anchorage.

I was inspired to start this company while waiting tables because every single day I would get the question "What is there to do for a few hours around Anchorage?"


Most visitors with this question had just checked out of their hotel, returned their rental car, and needed some entertainment for a few hours before their flight. There are neat things to do around town, but no one really comes to Alaska to hang out in the city. 

After enough of the same question, I decided to organize accessible tours at an affordable price for travelers (or locals!) in need. Thus, Escaping Anchorage was born. We offer easy guided tours just a little off the beaten path to see glorious waterfalls, stunning lakes, and enthralling vistas. Explore the wilder side of Anchorage with Escaping Anchorage: BOOK TODAY!

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Brittney's Story

I'm from Southern California, originally, but haven't lived there in 20 years. Before moving to Anchorage, I also spent time living in Virginia, Tennessee, and North Dakota. I've travelled to 38 states so far, but visiting the last 12 isn't far off in my future. When I drove to Alaska I got to see some remarkable sights, but nothing compares to the way Alaska takes my breath away every single day. 

I started this company because I LOVE ALASKA! I have spent most of my life trying to see as much of the country as possible, and then... my adventures brought me to Anchorage. I had the opportunity to work on a train for summer, and came here thinking it would just be for the season. That summer changed my life and brought me to a place I finally feel home. I've only been here for a few years, but what I lack in longevity, I more than make up for in enthusiasm!

When I first got here, I heard the phrase, "Anchorage is just 15 minutes away from the rest of Alaska". So I got in the car and drove. I drove everywhere I could, from Seward to Fairbanks and all over in between, discovering fantastic spots that no tour company has ever thought about sharing with visitors. I discovered a secret, and I want to share it with the world. There are so many breath- taking places, all within an hour of Anchorage. You don't have to spend your whole day trying to experience something wild. It's really just in our backyard. I look forward to Escaping Anchorage with you! 

Our Logo

Just in case you're curious about our logo. It was designed it in conjunction with my friend Scarlett at Rebel Studios, LLC. The colors, from top to bottom, represent the way the colors of Fireweed, my favorite flower in Alaska, transform through the seasons. The flowers are Fireweed in midsummer bloom, and the mountain is Mt Susitna, aka Sleeping Lady. Don't forget to ask your guide about the legend of the Sleeping Lady!